Adorable Christmas Cookies for Kids

70 Best Cookie Recipes: Heavenly Holiday Desserts…

(Warning Do Not Try This At Home!) Today Stacie is making Christmas Cookies!
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  1. MorningSun7 says:

    Aaaawwee, totally cute.

  2. leah jumper says:

    It’s funny when ryan coked on his shoe

  3. Kathy Tran says:

    Everybody needs a Stacy, to cook for you! Lol :)

  4. cherryannequintan says:

    I mean how can you cook a SHOE!!!

  5. cherryannequintan says:

    How can you cook a CHICKEN!!!!!!

  6. Justin Case says:

    can u make a triple cake and thx for making foods i asked for!!!

  7. gardendin says:

    I do this at home like stacie

  8. Rose L says:

    My whip cream is all out so I’m just gonna put the bottle in*

  9. Rose L says:

    I love it when she says”I’m all out of whip cream so I’m just gonna put the bottle in”!!

  10. Libby Johnson says:

    HE SWALLOWED HIS SHOE!!!!!!!!  so funny I could watch it again and again

  11. wendy willis says:

    You should make more cooking with Stacie

  12. PP Penabella says:

    Bug or bone

  13. lovin barbie says:

    this is awesome

  14. Build a bear says:


  15. Alexa Blankenship says:

    I mean bug or bone or whatever he said

  16. Alexa Blankenship says:

    Hahahahahahaha Ah ah ah ah ah there’s a bug in my throat HAHA LOL

  17. katia detty says:


  18. Joan Rider-Sullivan says:

    you made me fall off the chair HAHA!

  19. larissa maximo says:

    hi I love seus videos eu sou brasileira espero que me entenda :P e você tem mais uma inscrita

  20. Amory Bueza says:

    I did a simallar show called cooking with carly on my channel Amory Bueza.

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