Adele — Hometown Glory (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) [HD]

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  1. Randy Townsend says:

    no way try a badass elec guitar solo

  2. Matt Moore says:

    Did Childish Gambino sample the end for “Heartbeats”???????

  3. Gerson Ingrês says:

    Adele and Drum’N'Bass? who the hell lololol

  4. Electronic Music says:

    Adele — Hometown Glory (Chewy Chocolate Cookies Remix) [HD]

  5. robertcostello777 says:

    1:08 goosebumps

  6. josh zilla says:

    is it my computer or is the screen going in and out of green?

  7. twisterfield651 says:

    I think the high contrast remix is better, if you liked this you should
    check it out.

  8. Prima Panduhh says:

    where the fuck did you come up with chewy chocolate cookies lol ?

  9. Solal says:

    HD my ass if you ask me.

  10. Nathan Penn says:

    omfg no hang on omfffffg no wait omffffffffffg ahh thats better but remix
    adelles voice it sounds like shyyt with adelles voice in it rofl

  11. ravemater115 says:

    @mohalfur they are good for us?

  12. Katie Geluso says:


  13. Dreissyyy says:


  14. SamuraiRush says:

    super amazing, more musik

  15. mohalfur says:

    @guitarb3ast7x hahaha XDXD

  16. JareBearickson says:

    Dead niggers!

  17. Fragz says:

    @ericwenz19 seems leggit..

  18. Leah Estella A. says:

    I just searched through a sh*tload of “dubstep” (let’s use this term
    lightly for the sake of my exhaustion) mixes of this song and I finally
    found one worth listening to over and over. Wonderful work, darling. Wish
    more people were aware of this one. <3

  19. Nathalie SN says:

    good song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. dehumanizer1989 says:

    @mohalfur I think you mean Why ARE there DRUGS on youtube.

  21. CokemeLonZ says:


  22. Lucas Cypress says:

    Just silence & listen !

  23. taeji1 says:

    “la fouine “-vecu!!!

  24. Alan Truong says:

    @mohalfur haha true but its why are* :p.

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