A Sugar-Free, No-Bake Cookie Recipe : Healthy & Tasty Recipes

A Sugar-Free, No-Bake Cookie Recipe : Healthy & Tasty Recipes

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Wood cutting board : http://youtu.be/r4niOk6H9UY Learn how to make easy Christmas candy chocolates. This is a no bake recipe, so all you need is a microwave….

  1. cherry almanzar says:

    Can you bake these?

  2. mun pen says:

    Well done ….amazing

  3. NeilG0 says:

    Honey will have the same effect on blood sugar levels as refined sugar.
    Youre not helping anyone by giving out erroneous information. Just admit
    that youve made a mistake so no one gets harmed.

  4. Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio says:

    Peppermint Chocolate Christmas Candy: No Bake Christmas Candies!
    Thanks to +WoodWorkWeb for the cutting board.
    #peppermint #christmas #christmascandy 

  5. Hilah Cooking says:

    I love mint and chocolate together! These are so cute and so is your
    Christmas outfit, Jen! :) 

  6. Ania's Kitchen says:

    yummy! so simple and so cute! Thank you Jen!

  7. Trisha Daly says:

    Yummm, those xmas Cupcakes in the back!! Delish. That hat looks cute on you
    Jen <3

  8. Edyta Szarfemberg says:

    great recipe and great idea! i need to go shopping to find sales on
    chocolate! :D 

  9. Jenna Robbins says:

    I used sprinkles and milk chocolate instead! Taste great thanks!

  10. SimplyBakings says:

    Jenn, this is so simple to make!! Love these kind of recipes!

  11. TheLovie999 says:

    Cannot subscribe now, I am using my cell phone.Hard cheddar…..shall do
    that tomorrow.

  12. Britty Baker says:

    Thank you! Awesome tutorial.

  13. Jenna Robbins says:

    Gotta love the bulk barn!

  14. Southern Sweetie says:

    So festive!!! I’ll be making these for my Christmas party!

  15. mackenzie jordan says:

    i love u are the best baker on you tube

  16. Alexandra Kennedy says:

    Hey jen
    I love your ornament Christmas tree in the background! Where did you get

  17. Lovatic Beehive says:

    this is soooo coool im making it tomorrow ill tell you how it turns out.
    thx for posting this online :D 

  18. Zara Adnan says:

    r the candy cane sin the backround real or computerised

  19. cuddybella says:

    These are perrrrrfect for my co workers a gift/snack :) and so simple I
    Love em

  20. Niyah Howard says:

    Could you make a snicker doodle cupcakes?
    Thanks for all the great videos!

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