A bear comes for visit, gets cookies, shakes hands, gives a high five and …

A bear comes for visit, gets cookies, shakes hands, gives a high five and is very appreciative of Russian hospitality.
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  1. Mike Blackford says:

    yo yo… when your like… thats pretty much it…. is sounds like you
    said… its some pretty shit. hahahaha… nice nice… this can even be
    done with chips. :) no reason to buy the clips :) 

  2. MajorXV says:

    This is an incredible hack. Thank you.

  3. Rouillie Wilkerson says:

    Clever. Thanks for this!

  4. Ant Creed says:

    Can’t say which I like more – the tip, or his accent.

  5. perwiratempur says:

    feresh! Thanks for the tips, it works great!

  6. AsianSpaProduct says:

    How to Keep Cookies Fresh

  7. Benjamin Marshall says:

    Where do you get all these crazy ideas?

  8. Bearman P.I. says:

    Well done. Thanks!

  9. Anaiss T. says:

    what happened to your neck ?

  10. Franklin R. Parejas says:

    Thanks, simple and effective. hacking life … one moment at a time

  11. Kazamalaka123 says:

    Awesome,very cool!

  12. Josie Demandante says:

    Congratulations! You just got a new subscriber.

    Great ideas

  13. Sto Ager says:

    Good hack.

  14. Dana Suwai says:

    Is that a hickie??

  15. packerfan43042 says:

    hell ya. fresh cookies

  16. Philippe Adrien says:

    Cookies packages.
    How to Keep Cookies Fresh – Kitchen Life Hack

  17. rastnc says:

    I just roll it and put a rubber band on it

  18. Amy Diamondz says:

    Wooow thx u really giv some good life hacks thx

  19. azoz Aljamie says:

    I like cookies so might I need this hack

  20. Fellas Burger says:


  21. Themosthatedable says:

    It doesn’t work for American cookies

  22. ytbTheogr says:

    not work

  23. Israel Arévalo says:


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