7 Layer Cookie – TipsyBartender

If you love cookies you have to try……THE 7 LAYER COOKIE!! This recipe is off the hook! It’s a unique mix of sweet liquors and tequila. The flavors of cho…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. Octavio Aguilar says:

    I luv this channel keep going sky and all girls

  2. Friday Ford says:

    this would be really good in the chocolate shot glass with some of the cookie crumbs pressed into the bottom.

  3. AnonymousSuperTuber says:

    Bring her back

  4. TheFNDC.com says:

    Well played, sir. Awesome drink, great video.

  5. JonesStreetTv says:

    Sky The Only Man That Can Call A Girl Fat and Get Away with it My N word lol

  6. 13DeliaE says:

    i think i found my dream job..love this channel!!

  7. XxdeathlovesusxX says:

    I turn 21 this month and I’m kind of excited to try some of these drinks u make :) In addition to the fact that ur drinks look amazing u r hilarious! I love ur energy!

  8. meechan432 says:

    watched all of your videos try this we call it scraped knees (dont ask why)
    bottle of vinnilla galliano can of blue v and and a bottle of malibu tropical rum.
    can also be made buy a shot of each but we made it with it all and pourd it in a teapot

  9. phuoc247 says:

    Thank you!

  10. TrueFabs says:

    did tipsy bartender just call Malorie a fat ass. But h’s the fat one!! i don’t understand!

  11. Davon Hargrove says:

    Tipsy plz make a shirt that says “Go Ahead, Take A Sip”

  12. QueenMommyDearest says:

    Glass rimmed fail. Drink success!

  13. burbuliukai says:

    I like ridiculous recipes.

  14. Eren Ustaoglu says:

    6 people don’t like cookies

  15. Nairod2 says:

    do you fuck all those girls?

  16. miss povey says:


  17. Amanda Burke says:

    You just became my hero.

  18. Anis Thorshrimp says:

    wait what cream? is it pouring cream o_O

  19. Anis Thorshrimp says:

    how many cups of milk chocolate do we put in. (i can’t drink alcohol)

  20. 1man1challenge says:

    Yo chef, can I use almond extract instead of the almon liquor?

  21. OnePotChefShow says:

    You can leave out the liqueurs and use chocolate milk and a little instant coffee powder instead

  22. Anika Khan says:

    Do we need to have alkohol im just 12

  23. alexa garcia says:

    I ♡ your work!!!!

  24. Carmel Guinev says:


  25. OnePotChefShow says:

    Try Butterscotch Schnapps or your favourite sweet liqueur ;)

  26. TheLostLenore says:

    What can you add if you can’t find that third drink you added?

  27. N1na44 says:

    Wonderful my husband is in for a treat!!!! Thank You✨

  28. Victoria Henry says:

    i want one but without the alcohol caus im only 11

  29. Kpoprock77 says:

    I’m now making this with milk

  30. Prisna lita says:


  31. starfrempz says:

    hi can you recommend me other drinks i can mix with the baileys? because i dont have the other two you used in this video. thank you

  32. Pete Anderson says:

    you better have demolished both of them dave lol

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