5/1/14: White House Press Briefing

5/1/14: White House Press Briefing

White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.

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  1. Enki35Productions says:

    Jay Carney you are a LIAR!!! Just like your boss and the witch Hillary!!!

  2. xBLACKxOPSxSECRETSx says:

    the truth is 9/11 was an inside job

  3. Tom Right says:


  4. smdahl says:

    “The president has made clear that sexual assault is a crime” What would
    we do without him?

  5. La Sage says:

    Watch Jay double down on dumb. Dance jay, dance. No way you are spinning
    your way out of this by repeatedly doubling down on your double talk about
    this Benghazi Scandal that deserves answers, HONEST answers. It is
    apparent that this white house spun up a story to send Rice out to the 5
    talk shows with because of the election. Looks like the White House admin
    was the only ones playing politics…. people died because of their
    politics and partisan issues. Shameful Coverup. Worse than Watergate.


    If half the stuff I tell you is complete bs, do you ever believe another
    word I tell you?
    What makes you any different?

  7. runman1271 says:

    Don’t worry Benghazi is a made up scandal. There are not 4 dead Americans,
    it is all made up.

  8. MrFurling says:

    CIA,FBI, NSA, Obama are all terrorists! They all need to be eliminated. 

  9. cyber nelli says:

    look at the free press puppet show, first question and answers are in front
    of him to read from….

  10. Super3Dsound says:

    Jay Carney’s a punk.

  11. papa12120imissu says:


  12. Emery Kennedy says:

    The GOP and Fox’s fixation on Benghazi is partisan propoganda. In some of
    these attacks the State Department had been forewarned about potential
    threats, unlike Benghazi. Instead of reporting the incident and the recent
    allegations from a whistleblower, Fox News is hacking together their own
    version of the events to further convolute the story’s reality.

  13. Blorvis Paerntz says:

    The Iraq war was an inside job too. We really should arrest the
    perpetrators… or traitors… whatever

  14. Ronald Caselman says:

    I will make this short and sweet. Raise the min wage. Stop talking about
    benghazi until you get some real answers.

  15. papa12120imissu says:

    Can you tell the truth Jay 

  16. MrFurling says:

    CIA, FBI, NSA, Obama, are all terrorists! They all need to be taken out.

  17. FlatTopSUPERBOY says:

    Stop blocking comments about Benghazi and Obamas Impeachment and trial for
    Treason! Stop blocking real citizens!!! This is America!

  18. John York says:

    Someone should ask the traitor why is he doing nothing about our United
    States Marine chained to a Mexican prison bed.

  19. -HiveMind- says:

    They’re having to much fun.

  20. KiPe_Rosvolainen says:

    Asking a driver what his favorite braking point is like asking a swimmer
    which pool has the nicest ladder out of the water. Drivers don’t want to
    brake and would avoid it if they could.

    If Massa would’ve been there I’m sure he would’ve answered the first corner
    though. lol

  21. Sunny phalore says:

    In all fairness I think Kimi much like a few drivers in the championship
    are genuinely not happy with the ugly awful sounding cars, the excessive
    rules and silly fuel limit. Kimi, Jenson, Alonso, Felipe, these guys are
    old school everyone else is okay their still fresh not to old to the game
    so if they prosper they will embrace any car. Lewis is still in the middle
    of his career so he doesn’t mind if he has to drive a bad sounding not
    quite so good looking car.

  22. T55Storm says:

    Kimi Just doesn’t give a single Shit

  23. SuperItalia494 says:

    Why not ask “what is your favorite corner in Monaco?”… Instead of your
    favorite braking point! I don’t think these driver like slowing down. lol

  24. jockejocke1 says:

    Vladamir Rogovets
    What is your favourite braking zone in Monaco?

    No, I don’t really have one favourite one so. Any of them. You can choose.

    Heikki Kulta
    Kimi, are you going to carry on with James Hunt-style design in your helmet


    Vincent Marre
    To all six of you: if there is one day race that we have now in this
    calendar that you would like to change into a night race, assuming there is
    no technical issue, which one would it be? There must be one.

    Kimi? … Go on, pick one.

    Huh !?

    Pick one.

    I cannot hear you so, I don’t know. I don’t know if the others but you
    should turn at least one microphone or the speakers this
    way so we can hear something.

    Oh, you didn’t hear the question? Is that what you’re saying. Sorry. Which
    day race would you most like to turn into a night race?

    I mean I understood when they were answering but I don’t really, I’m happy
    how they are, and you know we can always dream about things but we don’t
    make the rules, so .. makes no point.

  25. Amer Huba says:

    What is your favourite breaking zone in Monaco?? wtf

  26. letzsee9 says:


  27. Michael West says:

    *Monaco Grand Prix Wednesday Press Conference* with Nico Rosberg of
    Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas of Williams, Kimi Raikonen of Ferrari, Romain
    Grosjean of Lotus, Jean Eric Vergne of Toro Rosso, and Jules Bianchi of

    *2013 winner Nico Rosberg commented “It’s the race to win!”,* while 2005
    winner Kimi Raikkonen said “…things go wrong here, there’s so many things
    that can affect your result. Previous years haven’t been the best again..”

    *Raikkonen demonstrated exceptional speed at the end of the interview,*
    however, and made it out of the room while the other drivers were still

    #F1 #Formula1 #MonacoGP #MonteCarlo #PressConference
    #NicoRosberg #ValtteriBottas #KimiRaikonen #RomainGrosjean #JeanEricVergne

  28. jockejocke1 says:

    Kimi BOSS

  29. Sourav Dutta says:

    kimi just zoomed pass in the end………

  30. davidalt92 says:

    Kimi is a great driver but he annoys me so much, as a long time Ferrari
    fan, he never likes talking and media days as much as Fernando, so why does
    he bother

  31. Adrian Bacea says:

    “what is your favourite braking zone”. each one said theirs then Kimi
    comes: “I don’t know, they’re all the same to me” =)) classic Kimi

  32. anttla says:

    lovely camera work at 5.48! And the murderer is…. Bottas!? DUN DUN

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