3 Ingredient Healthy Cookie Recipe!

These healthy cookies only require three ingredients – and are the perfect pre-workout snack along with some protein. The ingredients are bananas, quick oats…

What Would Julieanna Do? http://www.veria.com/tv/show/what-would-julieanna-do Julieanna and friends replace oil with a masher as they make nearly-fat-free, w…

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  1. Crystal Gil says:

    That was a funny video!!!!!

  2. Trevor Marty says:

    I’m going to try this.

  3. dudelivestrong says:

    I just made these and they are soooo good

  4. UnicornDreams says:

    OH GOD ! the begining shocked me! Didnt expect a muscle man to pop out xD

  5. dudelivestrong says:

    Uh I actually have all these ingredients for once.

  6. TK M says:

    can you freeze these for a later day

  7. planetsaver1 says:

    Added some cinnamon and a couple of walnuts.  Yum!!

  8. FGFsMo says:

    These cookies are seriously so good! THANK YOU!!

  9. lexybrat says:

    Can I eat all of them-..?

  10. mindfuck2001 says:

    what about putting some eggs in? just for a little protein?

  11. Igor Busalov says:

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  12. Alexandra Tyler says:

    Cooking show. Plz

  13. S8S5S8 says:

    The moment you mentioned bananas, I was expecting this to go a different route… lol (Well, at least, I expected there to be some sort of joke about it.)

  14. darksoullover says:

    Just made them and they turned out awesome! Thanks Davey!

  15. Julieanna Hever says:

    Thank you so much, Karlene! 

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