3-Ingredient Chocolate No-bake Cookies in 5 Minutes

Melt chocolate and mix. Fail-proof fudge-based easy no-bake cookies with only 3 ingredients. It’s also possible with only microwave oven. * New videos every …

  1. ilyjuliana1 says:

    can i use almond milk?

  2. Hafizanisya says:

    I want to make it..but..:◀

  3. Kesha D says:

    Awesome work by u ;) I also wish to go to Paris and learn something :D You inspired

  4. Maxene Foong says:

    How long does it take to cool?

  5. FinaszBieber1 says:

    Looks delicious. ;) 

  6. Jessica See says:

    oooo ;) thanks for ur reply :D

  7. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Without condensed milk, that will be ‘cereal dark chocolate bark’. :)

  8. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Good idea! :)

  9. Jessica See says:

    hi can i dun add the sweetened condensed milk?? :)

  10. ArupacaK says:

    Awww, thank you!! <3

  11. Syuhaidah Husna says:

    Hi, can you make a simple cookie with nutella?:)

  12. Bingyi Zhu says:

    Hello Eugenie, thank your for this awesomely easy recipe. Can I substitute the condensed milk with sth else?

  13. freeversie00 says:

    I just did this and it fabulous!!! Simple and an effective crowd pleaser =) Love it <3 

  14. agatina1998 says:

    You’re welcome ;)  And thank you :3

  15. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say so. :) Thank you!!

  16. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Gyoza, thanks for good idea!

  17. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Thanks! Your avatar is so cute, too! <3

  18. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Happy to hear that, Junmai! :)

  19. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Haha.. thanks :)

  20. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Thanks for the idea, Queenie.

  21. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    I smiled reading your comment, too. Thanks! :)

  22. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    LOL thanks Kotoura san. :)

  23. Eugenie Kitchen says:

    Nutella is not as hard as chocolate. I will experiment a little during this weekend. Thanks for the idea, Sammy! :)

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