3 Great Preschool Cookie Day Activities

3 Great Preschool Cookie Day Activities

December 4th is National Cookie Day. Kids love cookies and will be excited to try these preschool cookie day activities. Try baking and decorating cookies with your children. Read stories about cookies and talk about which are their favorite kind of cookies.

Baking Cookies

If possible, bake some cookies with your children. Have the kids read the recipe and help measure the ingredients. Let the kids mix the dough together. You can find basic sugar cookie recipes in any cook book or on the Internet. The kids can spoon the dough onto cookie sheets. Have them use enough dough to make larger cookies, since they will be decorating them.

Once the cookies have cooled, the kids will enjoy decorating them. Provide icing and large craft sticks for spreading the icing on the cookies. Let them decorate the cookies with sprinkles or a variety of candies. If desired, have them make cookie faces with the candy. When they have finished, take a picture of each child with his or her creation. Display the pictures on the class bulletin board.

Play Dough Cookies

Make a batch of home made play dough. A good basic play dough recipe: one cup of flour, 1/4 cup of salt, one cup water and one table spoon cream of tartar. Mix all the ingredients and cook over medium heat. Cook the mixture and stir until it forms a soft ball. Knead the dough and add some food coloring. You can split the batch and make two colors. For play dough cookies, use brown for chocolate, pink for strawberry or leave half the batch without coloring for an off white color that works well for cookies.

When the play dough has cooled, the kids will have fun pretending to make cookies. Give them a variety of cookie cutters and wooden dowels for rolling the dough. Plastic knives or craft sticks can be used to cut the dough shapes. This activity is fun and also good for fine motor development.

Cookie Tasting Party

Have a party and let your children taste a variety of cookies. Bring in sugar cookies, chocolate chips, oatmeal or any other variety of cookies. Consider trying a few unique cookie recipes from other cultures. If desired, ask parents to bake and bring in cookies from their native country. This will expose the children to other cultures while having fun tasting cookies.

Let the children taste some of each type of cookie. You can make a journal sheet with each type of cookie. The kids can note whether they liked each type or not. When they have finished tasting the cookies, talk about the results. Graph each child’s responses on a large graph made from butcher’s paper. Which flavor was most or least liked by the children?

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