14 Days of Valentine (Day 2): Heart-Shaped Cookies

Watch in 720p, please! EXPAND for more details! LIKE + SUBSCRIBE for more videos!! (: DAY TWO. What you’ll need ♡ 1 cup salted butter, softened 1/2 cup sugar…

  1. rebecca fox says:

    i watch this but i dt do them( they are so cute ) i love your vids

  2. PinkBeanieful says:

    Wal-Mart :) 

  3. cocom2000 says:

    Where’d you get the cookie shaper ?

  4. PinkBeanieful says:

    I made a little over 12 I believe ^^

  5. dianapandaluvs says:


  6. Ana Wong says:

    How many cookies did you make with this?

  7. kri2Xx says:

    Oh man… it is my greatest pet peeve when someone uses a liquid measuring cup to measure dry ingredients…. xD (0:37) other than that, nice video!!! :D

  8. PinkBeanieful says:

    I do have one ^_^

  9. mars1195 says:

    Lol qurl, you need an electric mixer

  10. z643 says:

    now record yourself eating them! LOL j/k enjoyed watching. btw your boyfriend is such a lucky guy to have youuuu

  11. Marissa Voravong says:

    Loving these series ! c:

  12. Crazi Azn says:

    yay! lol I’m liking this series so far :]

  13. Olivia Huang says:

    Haha, seriously laughed when the egg shell fell into the bowl. Great video :)

  14. Julie says:

    SOOOOOOOO CUTE. I love your valentine days series so far!! :)

  15. PinkBeanieful says:

    Oops TT.. Posted the wrong song. LOL It’s written in the description box! J.R.A – By Chance (You & I)

  16. Carmen H says:

    ooo they are so cute! what song is this? :) 

  17. PinkBeanieful says:

    Perfect :D More for yourself!

  18. PinkBeanieful says:

    LOL it’s my housemate XD We don’t own any large mixing bowls.

  19. PinkBeanieful says:

    Yayyyy :’)

  20. PinkBeanieful says:


  21. shinysun1 says:

    Baking these for valentine day but for me!!!

  22. FryCalamari says:

    i love how you pulled out that asian pot to use!

  23. webkinzcrazy08 says:

    so cute!

  24. Necro Lee says:

    They look so delicious. Also, I have to say that the hearts rising below the screen was a really nice touch.

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