{125} How to make super duper chocolatey chocolate NO BAKE cookie balls | DIY Thursday #6

SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE SIMPLE DIY PROJECTS! bit.ly TIS THE SEASON FOR CHOCOLATE!!! [or is that Valentine's day??] As far as I’m concerned chocolate is ALWAYS in season! These cookies are super simple to make, taste delicious, only need a few ingredients and there’s NO BAKING involved! People will think you spent hours making this fancy schmancy holiday treat! Shopping List: 1 pack of chocolate sandwich cookies 1 small box of vanilla pudding [instant] 1/2 cup milk 8 oz semi sweet baking chocolate 6 oz white baking chocolate Wax paper The possibilities are endless with these, too. You can make them look like snow balls with powdered sugar instead of white chocolate. You can make a less chocolatey version by using golden sandwich cookies and all white chocolate, you can even put a cherry in the middle for a fun surprise! Put ‘em in a decorative tin and these make excellent gifts for teachers, neighbors, friends or co-workers…serve them at your next get together OR keep them all to yourself! ——————–makes approximately 2 dozen cookies————————– SUPPORT BY SUBSCRIBING bit.ly ORIGINAL MUSIC for your YouTube videos – sign up here bit.ly BLOG: www.lhdctv.com FACEBOOK www.facebook.com TWITTER: www.twitter.com ☰☰☰☰☰ WANT MORE? ☰☰☰☰☰ T-SHIRTS: bit.ly BLOG: www.LHDCtv.com TWITTER bit.ly FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com BLOGLOVIN bit.ly LOOKBOOK bit.ly BIG CHOP: bit.ly HAIR JOURNEY: bit.ly REGIMEN: bit.ly SELF TRIM: bit.ly & bit.ly STAPLE PRODUCTS: bit.ly

Easy step-by-step instructions on how-to make the best no-bake cookies. (A project for my CI 350 Integrating Technology into the Classroom Education Class.)

  1. Justine Preston says:

    This is so simple thank you so much hope to make them one day:)

  2. LongHairDontCareLLC says:

    freeze them until they are firm. i actually stored mine in the freezer altogether and took them out about an hour before i ate them…good luck and let me know how your family likes it!

  3. 001moonlit says:

    Thank you for this I could do it for valentines so my parents and or siblings won’t see but how long is the freezing process? So I know when to prep.

  4. LongHairDontCareLLC says:

    y’know…i hand’t thought about the rest of those sleeves…but now that you mention it, i have the perfect idea!

  5. EbonyKween84 says:

    You know if ppl dont like alot of chocolate they can use the golden oreos and white chocolate and to make it for Valentines day they can put red and pink hearts and sprinkles….Have u figured out what your goin to do with the other piece of jean material?

  6. LongHairDontCareLLC says:

    hey ms. tee!!!

  7. AfroTee says:


  8. VIBlackBerri says:

    omg u just made me super hungry for chocolate shame on you! lol j/k…my kids will be outta school tfor 2 weeks so i’ll def try this with them thankies!!!

  9. shansopink says:

    yum! I make these all the time, I use cream cheese instead of pudding though I’ll have to try it with the pudding

  10. TheCocodiva says:

    Looks good! U can also put your white chocolate drizzle in a sandwich type baggy and squeeze!!

  11. Lowbudget1000 says:

    Great! I will make these during the holiday break. I will include a warning…”only take one please”. LOL!

  12. jacob williams says:

    So when do I add the weed…?

  13. hajarjafarsaramariam says:

    Do we need outes plzz help

  14. djAmericantoast176 says:

    I’m from the Southeast, so I’ve always heard them called preacher cookies. I’ve never heard them called no-bake cookies. Either way, they’re one of my favorite deserts and I have yet to meet anyone who can say they dislike a warm, homemade preacher cookie.

  15. wjmortician says:

    Do mankind a favor and don’t make any more videos.

  16. moshimonstersqueen11 says:

    I just made these cookies and they rock

  17. hanban1300 says:

    youre coocking them

  18. ZealotLegacy says:

    that is a beautiful house, and good video too, those cookies look awesomesauce.

  19. montez292 says:

    great, ty,

  20. shanewoodward55 says:

    These are really good cookies! My 3rd batch I only added 2 cups of oats and they were DELICIOUSLY YUMMY :)
    Thank you for sharing.

  21. Blair -Chan says:

    are you southern I hear an accent.

  22. ercolormeblack1 says:

    do you have to use the oats

  23. MegaRedman67 says:

    The cookies we’re great and I gotta say damn you got one hell of a house

  24. YoursTruelyKelsie says:

    Mmm! MMM! DELICIOUS! I think its the best cookie i’ve ever had!!!

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