How to Make Cookies: Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies (Recipes)

How to Make Cookies: Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies (Recipes) How to Make Cookies: Easy Christmas Sugar Cookies (Recipes) Cricket Azima, professional creative chef and baker, for the Betty Crocker kitchens, demos how to make several easy Christmas cookie recipes that are quick, fast and can even double as gifts! Don’t forget to grab your kids…
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  1. pan kay says:


  2. RokkenDokken82 says:

    wheres LAURIE!?!

  3. Yusra1001 says:

    What happened to Betty crocker?

  4. SeksiBabyLlamas says:

    Why is she always wearing that shirt in each video.

  5. Mackenzie Maddox says:

    i love these videos and this one is my favorite it makes me want cookies though and it makes me in the the mood for chirstmas but yet SOOOO hungry!!!:)

  6. hellokitty58548 says:

    but my name is caitlny

  7. hellokitty58548 says:

    ok i wish i was in hollywood or la becuse i wann meet zendaya

  8. taleflame says:

    Something a bout her facial expressions says she’s irritated at something but other than that those cookies look devine.

  9. FunHappyHouse says:

    can i add food coloring to the sugar mix cookies because i want to make rainbow cookies?

  10. uyenbaby says:

    Can we eat the staned glass cookies?

  11. EthLover93 says:

    Lmfao I posted that two months ago when it was early October! It was early then so relax

  12. sousacecile says:

    well she just did

  13. kmjys97 says:

    what happen to Leiv Hanson???

  14. CouplesTravel says:

    I love learning how to make new things. I have seen these and wanted to make them. One of my favorite things to do is travel to another country pick out a food I liked and then come home and make it. I have videos of some of these on my channel couplestravel or on my website scattertravel

  15. JaiBoogie531 says:

    Her name is cricket o_O

  16. JaiBoogie531 says:

    Her name is cricket o_O

  17. Kattylove33 says:

    ~ I <3 COOKIES ~ :] lol..

  18. oooVVGooo says:


  19. HouHouLee says:

    What is Betty Crocker® sugar cookie mix :-s

  20. xoEMINEMox3 says:

    shes soooo reading cue cards its not even funny i want Liv Hanson!!!!

  21. intellectualhybrid2 says:

    how do u make the sugar cookie mix for the stain glass cookies?

  22. Hollyglitter says:

    never mind its in the descrption

  23. Hollyglitter says:

    Why havent you given us ingredient measurments

  24. Nickalea368 says:


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