How do you bake chocolate chip cookies that stay soft for a long time?

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Question by Miximinix: How do you bake chocolate chip cookies that stay soft for a long time?
Usually when I make them, they turn hard no matter what I do. I’ve done everything from putting them in plastic containers, leaving them out, paper bags, wrapping them in plastic… etc etc. Everything you could possibly think to contain them. You know the drill. So is it a factor in the actual ingredients of the chocolate chip cookies that keep them soft for a long time? I’m not a full-time baker; I don’t bake cookies all that much. Suggestions?

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look on a website

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  1. dumbbastardswork@yahoo says:

    I just follow the recipe on the bag of chips. They always come out soft and stay that way for a long while.

  2. radiancia says:

    Yeah it took me awhile to figure this out but I use a recipe that uses a bit more flour than the regular ones, like half a cup more, and then I bake them but not to the exact time quoted, take them out a bit early, just as they are barely brown and immediately put them in a plastic container. Since they are not baked till completely done they retain some of the last bits of moisture. They usually stay softer for about a week or so – but I also hate them hard.

  3. bjg2007 says:

    Take them out of the oven just as they brown on the edges and leave on sheet until cool….they will stay soft…cookies get hard when you over cook them….

  4. Greenelf says:

    I find that when I take them out of the oven a little before the estimated bake time (even though they may look a little gooey) and let them cool just as they are, they stay soft. Then store them in an airtight container.

  5. Beth says:

    its called go to a store put them on a plate and nobody has to know there are from the store

  6. apples2oo4 says:

    My grandmother in law puts them in a cookie jar that is airtight with a slice of white bread and they stay soft and chewy just like the first bite.

  7. meemadee2000 says:

    Don’t cook them as long as it tells you to. I usually take them from the over when they are Lightly colored and the edge is not dark brown. Usually a good 4 minutes earlier than the directions say. Good luck.

  8. rod m dynamite dan says:

    eat them quick.if you keep them too long they get harder

  9. Tina T says:

    put a piece of bread in with them when storing

  10. DiDi says:

    have you tried storing them in a container or bag with Wendy’s hamburger buns? It always works for me. If not they turn hard.

  11. Yvette N says:

    after baking put them in an airtight plastic bag. If any air gets to it, eventually it will cause it to get hard.

    Same thing happens to baked bread. It starts soft, but if it’s left out, after a while it will get hard

  12. jewel64052 says:

    Take them out sooner and use shortening instead of butter..Butter gets hard..

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