How do I make icing for dog cookies without using any sugar?

Question by Mimi Chan: How do I make icing for dog cookies without using any sugar?
I know a dog who is diabetic but his birthday is coming up so I want to make some very fun cookies for him. I got a recipe for no sugar diabetic friendly cookie recipies but I am having a trouble with icing. Please can anyone help me?

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Answer by Bob
Must a dog cookie have icing? Will the dog be upset if there is none?

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  1. Glenn says:

    just make normal cookies without the sugar make sure not to put chocolate in it but because dogs get very sick if they eat chocolate

  2. Jeremy B says:

    just get cottage cheese and put it in the blender. After being blended it looks just like icing and dogs love it.

  3. Lydia says:

    you can use plain cream cheese. You could try mixing the creme cheese with, cinnamon for added flavor

  4. Chris says:

    Try blended cottage cheese..Or mashed potatoes.. however if the dog is diabetic the cottage cheese is a safer bet also you will want to use regular cottage cheese and not the low fat stuff as it has fewer carbs and will be safe for a diabetic dog.. I would also ask the dogs owner if the dog is sensitive to dairy.

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