Easy, Old Fashioned Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe- (How To)

My mom use to make these chocolate chip cookies for us all the time growing up. It’s a old fashioned recipe and these babies always went first at church bake sales. The best part about these chocolate chip cookies because there deliciousness (yep I said it) is that they’re so freakin easy to whip up and the dough stores great in the freezer! Get the recipe: divascancook.com Music by Kevin Macleod
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  1. dpxn23 says:

    frisco is… vegetable shortening?

  2. jb99ification says:

    replace it with an equal amount of butter as you would to shortening.

  3. WillowFrancais says:

    Best vid ever!

  4. GellyRolll says:

    will the texture of the cookie be diffrent if I cook it on a diffrent type of pan, I hopw not those cookies look beautiful

  5. MMVVK says:

    I have made these cookies so many times now and they are an absolute hit with my friends and family. Thank you so much for this simple and easy recipe :D
    I am gonna try making them with almonds or walnuts today…havent decided yet! :D

  6. TiffiiBoo9 says:

    What could i use if i dont have any frisco?

  7. merly rush says:

    ok now i’m hungry i need this to stay alive

  8. LinnyFAshion says:

    So happy I found this Channel. I LOVE your videos!! :)

  9. prettycutegina says:

    some regular shortnening

  10. MyzzNisey says:

    I have to try this

  11. mstuyetoanh says:

    They are gorgeous!!! Thank you!

  12. pinkninjagirl903 says:

    what if i don’t put the shortening in the cookies? o.o or rather what does the shortening do to the mixture?

  13. SuuziiK says:

    This is the first time I watched your videos, and I must say, I love your personality. Just hearing you talk makes me want to party or something ;)

  14. AImst3rx3 says:

    IM DROOLING !!!! >.<

  15. funGODfun says:

    You always sound so happy and excited in your videos, I like it :D 

  16. MissEtana says:

    Lovely recipe!! I will be making these very soon! I just wont use the crisco lol.

  17. smigglelover100 says:

    Sorry I Ddint type that it was my khzen tara shes a really good baker pehaps you could get back to me on that and ill ask her!:)

  18. bun02com says:

    I luv that

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