Does anyone know how to use a cookie press?

Question by veggiepark: Does anyone know how to use a cookie press?
I recieved a cookie press with a pair of bake sheets i bought. I figure to put the cookie dough in the tube and press either the handle or the rod down. It doesn’t do anything + the cookie shape attatchement are only little holes , how does that make a whole cookie?
I’ve had some success! I got the pumping action down. I think it takes some practice to set the dough. Thanks!!

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Answer by stolibabe2003
The handle should send the dough down the tube. The little holes you see are the design it is going to make. What you do is, place the end of the cookie press onto the sheet and start pressing the handle. You want enough dough to come out to kinda make a circle…..slightly lift the cookie press while the dough is coming out. Maybe a 1/8 of a inch. Then once you get the size of the cookie you want…..stop pumping the handle and slowly lift the press. You will get a cookie with a specific design.

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  1. Renate says:

    There should be some recipes in with the press you put the dough in the press and press and the forms are extruded onto a cookie sheet

    Cookie press recipes

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