Cookie Recipes : A Sugar-Free Oatmeal Cookies Recipe

Sugar-free oatmeal cookies are just as good as the original with this recipe. Make sugar-free oatmeal cookies with help from a pastry chef in this free video on cookie recipes. Expert: Susan Walker Bio: Sue Walker owns her own freelance cooking business. She worked as a pastry chef and a full-time head cook for more than 10 years before deciding to start her own company. Filmmaker: Luke Neumann
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YES THEY TRULY DO! *Look at my clothes and guess when I filmed this?*
Video Rating: 3 / 5

  1. TheMiriamFrank says:

    it say 1 egg! but shows 2!!! LOL

  2. CESAR NASR says:

    don’t use white flour it turn to sugar,, just use oat flour u can make it by simple blend the oatmeal flakes in a mixer till it turns to flour,, it is less carbohydrates than white flour from wheat

  3. knightone57 says:

    Might be sugar free but the carbs in white four turn to sugar in your body.So what is the carb count of this recipe?

  4. catamia123 says:

    Why are people such HATERS? Research and create your own cookie. Use Agave or Stevia or a substitute like applesauce. Do something positive with your time on youtube !!!!

  5. TheAckerman73 says:

    There’s NOTHING sugar free about this recipe. Ignorant people shouldn’t make videos. 

  6. dclsic says:

    splenda is not worse if you are a diabetic already

  7. ItsLunaGriffin says:

    This Cracks Me Up =D

  8. gjonesy9 says:

    When I think of Christmas Cookies…
    I think of Karen Alloy!!!!!!


  9. Megia1003 says:


  10. Spinner198 says:

    166 people want sugar free cookie world domination.

  11. MissMuffinToYou says:

    lol how are there even such things as sugar-free cookies?? THATS ALL THEYRE MADE OF!

  12. EoDGorbachev says:


    I think I just lost 4 IQ points by watching this…

  13. zacandtaylorrule says:

    Haha. Yes they do. I have had them and could not finish the package haha. The devil created them I think.

  14. tyro244 says:

    All of this time and this is still one of my favs on TY.

  15. qpv78 says:

    YOU SUCK!!!

  16. forbiddenfollies says:

    I didn’t even know there was such as a thing as sugar free cookies O_O

  17. scyllaandcharybdis says:

    my thoughts exactly.. looks like same day she did film movie quotes..shes very beautiful, i wish she was my girlfriend

  18. scyllaandcharybdis says:


  19. kerstmanneke82 says:

    It takes that long to eat a cookie ?

  20. madiadk says:

    why cant you eat sugar an coiffen :O ?

  21. Aryaknight8 says:

    i guess….that you made this video…


    what’d i win?

  22. shykaz666 says:

    mejor se ubiera encuerado

  23. gigglegiggle789 says:

    Thank you sooo much for subscribing to my channel gigglegiggle789 me and my older brother used to watch you videos all the time and we loved you so I was super excited when you subscribed to my channel thanks sooo much and for the laughs!

  24. l1onh34r7 says:

    Karen , Hun I have watched this Video alot and it still makes me laugh ever time I see it. your one of the funniest People I have ever seen , I hope you never stop makeing videos thanks for the laughs

  25. Hilly61 says:

    …ok xD

  26. Icarus813 says:

    Sugar-free anything sucks! Agreed

  27. Rusty5 says:

    They totally do!

  28. thegrimmreeper says:

    this is the best video on you tube XD, you have me in stitches girl XD

  29. girlsthings says:

    yeah i know:S 1 day i didn’t eat anyting and i was at school for a verry LONG time and i eat this sugar free cookies and yeah to make a long story short THE SUCK xD

  30. gigagamer16 says:

    yes they might but then again you could use a little bit less sugar….

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