Chrusciki (Polish Bow Tie Cookies)

Authentic Polish cookies from my Mother’s recipe (Valeria Waszkiewicz)

Alexandra is teaching me how to make sugar cookies as she did them in Poland.

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  1. Sophiabluepit2 says:

    My Gramma called them Angel Wings never bow ties. In fact, the polish community in Detroit called them the same. In our neck of the woods Angel Wings are just a little thicker and twice as wide. Thanks so much for your recipe. My Gramma died and took her great recipes with her. I can’t wait to make beet soup from your recipes. When my mom made it we had stained hands but full bellies me!

  2. barbie833 says:

    thanks …..good job & very pretty kitchen

  3. MsPerogi says:

    He drags out the explanation! Its an easy recipe, but the way he explains it you don’t understand what he is doing!

  4. keelerkowalski says:


  5. zoomerkid says:

    your shortening was not hot enough…so your crisps are absorbing all that fat!

    other than that well explained.

  6. Madeinkorea1979 says:

    Nicely done – They look delicious

  7. NancyToday says:

    I love Alexandra! She’s such a hoot! So energetic. She went downhill skiing all winter last year. She didn’t like it but wanted to learn how! LOL

  8. jenzeppelin says:

    this is the video which first led me to your channel nancy

  9. NancyToday says:

    She’s such a hoot!

  10. irishpride527 says:

    You say you’re a Polish joke,eh? Well, put ‘er there! (offering hand) I’m an Irish joke!! (ROFL!) –I’m also a huuuuuuuuge Nancy Today fan!

  11. PatrickArgentina says:

    “But it turns out wonderfully without any more flour right?”
    “Well, I don’t know !”


  12. jweil1984 says:

    Very nice lady you must do more videos with her she is great

  13. 1rustyb says:

    Nancy’s new cooking buddy! :D I’m a culinary graduate, because I watched my mom. The well on the counter I get. Good for bread and pasta.

  14. thinkpinkjmf says:

    How fun!!! Nothings better than making cookies with friends!!!!!!!
    Oh…thats the apron you danced in on one of your videos!!!!!!!!

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