Butter Cookies

Learn how to make really easy and delicious butter cookies with this recipe! Check out dilikestobake.tumblr.com Also check out my facebook and twitter page! Please comment, rate and subscribe! Thank you!

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  1. Angle66Essence says:

    she balancing the camera on her head XD

  2. rohamaify says:

    i made these today again. and they were awesome!
    thank you! <3

  3. dilikestobake says:

    don’t melt the butter

  4. dilikestobake says:

    no you don’t. It’s just easier if you do

  5. Clover0804 says:

    do you have to use electronic mixer?

  6. rohamaify says:


  7. rohamaify says:

    hey!! i loved this!
    but 2 3/4 cups of floor was less for me. it was all liquid. so i added another cup still it was not so thick that i could use a cutter. :(
    can u help me with this please?

  8. dilikestobake says:

    I’m glad you like it :D

  9. isabel13029 says:

    Omg I tried these they are the best yumyumyumm makes my mouth WATE!(: now i make them 2-3 times a week :D thanks 4 the recipe i love it D

  10. MahnoorFatima16 says:


  11. HealthEducatorTV says:

    thank you for the recipe

  12. WishinWithYou says:

    Can use plain flour?

  13. maimaichristina says:

    Thank you

  14. fairylatina says:

    best butter cookies ever!!

  15. AdeelJamil786 says:

    can you turn it into a metric measurement? please? thanks!

  16. vampiregothchickpoet says:

    Are you wearing your camera on your head?

  17. esjeebeee says:


  18. esjeebeee says:

    Thanks! I just cooked some with the egg too since I didn’t have any & they were great

  19. MrPappy729 says:

    What did you use to record this video?a potato?

  20. flower158383 says:

    how many cookies does this make using the cookie cutters?

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