Ask Nancy – Holiday Cookie Decorating Tips

When I think of Christmas I think of baking cookies. This podcast will give you easy ideas to add special touches to those simple baked treats. Use icing, sprinkles or colored dough to make unique holiday treats that are perfect for all winter celebrations.

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  1. Boudica999 says:

    U can also while the green icing is soft get a little white soft icing and put a pattern on top and with a toothpick or orange stick drag the white to make a pattern

  2. SealABag says:

    Banana Seals keep food fresh – especially during the Holidays! Even Brown Sugar stays soft and fresh for months! Oh yea, and the Banana Seals make great stocking stuffers! Check it out on the web at: SaveTheBananaSeal

  3. pinkylove319 says:


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