Alexandra Today: Polish sugar cookies 2

Alexandra Today: Polish sugar cookies 2

Alexandra is making rolled cookies for the exchange


Polish Jelly Filled Cookies – easy and good

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  1. morganmay1 says:

    These remind me of the gingerbread cookies my grandmother used to make when I was a young child.

  2. miserablyunhip says:

    Every time you’ve made a dessert I’ve been inspired and have gone off and made it too. Can’t wait to try this!

  3. TURIDDU900 says:

    Great job on the recipe but the T.V. and barking are distracting. Try some close ups to see texture and method.

  4. PortMantoo says:

    Thanks very much for this recipe. I used to make these all the time when my kids were growing up, but when I got divorced, lost the recipe. (Simple, yes, but the particulars were missing!) I knew right away it was the recipe I always used. I am SO HAPPY that I will now be able to make them for my grandkids, and to bring a smile to my daughter’s face! They were always her favorite! Thx :)

  5. grannyhothead1 says:

    i love these cookies we make them all the time but we pronounce it kloch- keys (not spelled that way though!)

  6. karlalana says:

    looks awesome…thanks for sharing!

  7. Alchemydude666 says:

    My father loves these! I can make him some of these!

  8. paistedw762 says:

    this is a real great recipe, i loved making them myself, thanks!

  9. ChefMerlin says:

    I agree that it would be a good idea to make a habit of including the Ingredients in the sidebar. I didn’t use to do this on my videos until someone asked for it and I have realized that it does make it easier if a listing of the ingredients is on the side.

    Great looking cookies!

  10. ALMETYLOWY says:

    I <3 this
    Thank You for recipe :)
    I like this real time sounds for me it is’t distracting at all :)

  11. DLP1962 says:

    I guess I am just a person who welcomes constructive criticism , turning down the TV just a tad bit would make it easier to hear her. I to have kids here, adults and small children, so I know very well about hectic days.
    I do feel we are lucky to see many of these vid’s as I love new ideas on what to feed my family. I do appreciate the videos very much. Like i said maybe it’s just me. But it was kinda hard to hear her, or concentrate with the TV. Not trying to hurt anyone or make anyone mad.

  12. theinsidiousfumanchu says:

    The T.V. is much cheaper than medication to keep the kids quiet. You have to remember, this is real life cooking, with the dog barking, telephone ringing, and all that great stuff going on as it inevitably does.

    The way I figure it, since the lovely Maria has to take time out of an obviously hectic schedule to gift us these vid’s, we’re pretty lucky to see as many of them as we do, whatever’s going on in the background.

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