Alex Sampson’s Review of Foreign Biscuits.

Alex Sampson's Review of Foreign Biscuits.

My boyfriend’s review of some foreign biscuits he purchased (got my dad to buy him) some foreign biscuits from Wing Yip in Croydon. Oh and we found Pocari Sweat which is something we first heard of in a Tokyo Cooney vid =]

TV On The Radio’s last song of Return to Cookie Mountain, on a video made 41 years ago by Stanley Kubrick…

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  1. KittyKat290 says:

    aka “I have no comeback”
    Haha people like you make me feel so superior, thanks for making my day =D

  2. StBlackman says:

    What a load of drivel

  3. KittyKat290 says:

    And yeeeah I’m a goth when my favourite item of clothing I own is WHITE and I listen to drum n base and rap…. hmmmmm.

  4. KittyKat290 says:

    Firstly the original Celts were around before Christianity existed, you’re think of the modern day Scottish, Welsh n Irish. The celtic cross is a Pagan symbol misenterpreted as a christian symbol because of the cross usually associated with the crucifix but yeah it’s Pagan, a cross/crux with a ring representing the sun, NOT Christian. Another symbol derived from the Celtic Cross/Sun Cross/Sun Wheel is used as a political symbol.

    Could it BE any easier to completely own you people?!

  5. KittyKat290 says:

    Ooh another ‘Alex Sampson stalker’ welcome to my collection of wonderfuly entertaining morons =]

    Hmm you all seem to need educating…. well here’s yours: It’s not a Crucifix it’s a Celtic Cross which isn’t religious and looks completely different to that christian piece of shit.

    And why do you care so much about how people’s hair looks? You must be either gay or female.

  6. StBlackman says:

    This is Frank Butcher, lol. Imformative, shame about the shit hair though

  7. StBlackman says:

    It’s beyond a joke. isnt it.

    It wears a fucking crucifix, when its clearly a jew.

  8. KittyKat290 says:

    (*Calm, retard)
    Erm…. congratulations for pointing out the obvious? yeah the pub is full of pricks and yeah there is no shop here… I whole heartedly agree with you, so what’s your point? lol
    Haha I’m nearly 18 thanks, I think you need to go look up the definition of the word ‘rape’ because I don’t think it means what you seem to think it means, doesn’t suprise me really coming from someone who spells ‘Calm’ with an ‘r’ haha!

  9. looseneck says:

    Alright love carm down, just because you live in a shit hole they call sayers common.

    That does not even have a shop, only a pub i which no sole goes in cos its full of pricks.

    And when it comes down to talking about rape, how old are you, and your so called fiancé, having sex are we, thats rape.

  10. KittyKat290 says:

    Lol then what has “because Alex shitting Sampson is in it!!” got anything to do with you watching it? o.O
    Haha. To be honest I’m REALLY sorry that you have nothing better to do than to “attempt” to piss random people off on youtube lol, did mummy and daddy not give you enough attention or something?
    I’m guessing not as your mother was probably busy sucking the town cock and daddys only attention was arse raping you =D
    Bye Bye xXx

  11. looseneck says:

    No, but i think his hair is fucking stupid.

  12. KittyKat290 says:

    You know him?

  13. looseneck says:

    Cos Alex shitting Sampson is in it!!

  14. KittyKat290 says:

    Then you’re watching it becauuuuuse…..?
    LOL loser.

  15. nostabssor says:

    This song is a wall of sound. The sitars are badass

  16. Justin Inman says:

    Like if you heard this song on Brighton Aint Ready when Sean Sexton was riding!

  17. MarcSylex says:

    0:13 Life boils down to having a shocked look on your face while listening to awesome music in restraints.

  18. MrrJmastaP says:

    good to see ZERO dislikes

  19. myownme7772010 says:

    This song is like a beautiful mix of david bowie and prince on acid.

  20. manuheyho says:

    No one dislike it :]

  21. JoeDavies69 says:

    22,222 viewer :D 

  22. LiveDalton says:

    2001: A Space Odyssey = AWESOME MOVIE

  23. galaxy86409 says:

    Strange,,I used the same vid for my tangerine dream movie with added special effects,,cool

  24. LanfeustDeGlinin says:

    how come you can’t? it’s supposed to be “public”…

  25. thehumansituation says:

    Be afraid, my neighbors. Be very, very afraid. Lol Sounds best coming through the speakers at max decibel capacity. In my opinion anyway.

  26. masonicboom181 says:

    Cutting edge still: Astronauts + Acid + TV on the Radio. Guitar hero that shit Dave Bowman.

  27. alexel2009 says:


  28. bekr0901 says:

    I love this video. Great job! I just wish I could post it to facebook. :(

  29. LanfeustDeGlinin says:

    thanks… :) 

  30. LanfeustDeGlinin says:

    Return To Cookie Mountain!

  31. kbeasterweester says:

    what album is this on???

  32. effenmitchell says:

    dont usually like the “videos” people make to songs on youtube, but this is pretty cool man.

  33. blackdawn511 says:

    This one video is better then the entire movie altogether. Excellent.

  34. ALittleAlliteration says:

    Omigah! When I saw those first few specks I shit bricks. But you would be shocked how many songs ‘sync’ perfectly with this clip. In any case, what a great best band ever.

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